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Thuban & Eltanin (2018)
from Precession of the Equinoxes
(2222 / 4231 / Timp+2 / Harp / Piano / Strings)

Thuban, or Alpha Draconis, was the northern pole star from approximately 3900 to 1800 BCE and is currently a rather inconspicuous binary star in the constellation Draco. Despite its alpha designation, it is greatly outshined by Eltanin, or Gamma Draconis, one of the brightest stars in the northern hemisphere. This orchestral movement focuses on the duality and contradiction of these two very different stars. Bright, energetic melodies define Eltanin while deep, unsettling harmonic movement characterizes Thuban.

Thuban & Eltanin - Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
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Polaris (2012)
from Precession of the Equinoxes
(2222 / 4231 / Timp+2 / Harp / Piano / Strings)

Written for our current North Star, Polaris, the most crucial aspect to the success of this movement is its orchestration. There is little melodic material to drive the work forward, focusing mostly on the shifting harmonies.  The use of range in the strings, and how the poly-tonalities are separated or mixed, is critical to the reception of the chord changes and voice leading presented.  The colorful sounds of the upper winds and round, full quality of the brass serve to augment and support the large string orchestra.

Polaris - Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
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Sonata for Cello and Piano (2019)

The inspiration of this work comes from the concept of light refraction and obfuscation that we experience around ourselves daily, and how this natural phenomenon is reflected in our own minds. Just as a block of glass can refract a beam of light into a colourful spectrum when positioned correctly, musical inspiration is like a continuous beam that the mind can direct and expand. This work uses several instances of indeterminacy to reflect the randomness and occasionally misaligned nature of not only light refraction but also the workings of inspiration on the human mind.

re-fraction Movement 1 - Ben Louwersheimer, Cello; Gary Forbes, Piano
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Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (2011)

A technically challenging and stylistic duet for bassoon and piano. The first movement is light and bouncy, passing through an augmented sonata form. The recurring motif of the second movement continually collapses the intervals used in each representation until it is barely more than a scale passage. Following the interspersed light and sustained sections of the first two movements, the work concludes with a stretched and slightly off-kilter waltz.

Sonnata for Bassoon And Piano - Curtis Wright
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moments for wind quartet (2010)

Amanda Lowry, Flute
Gwen Buttemer, Oboe 
Afendi Yusuf, Clarinet
Adam Romey, Bassoon

A short work with a focus on each of the solo instruments of the woodwind quartet and how they work together.  The piece features open intervals and chromatic movement away from them throughout, leading to a more dissonant ensemble - a definite tuning exercise.

Moments - Curtis Wright
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List of Works


Dimensions of Perceived Reality (2020, doctoral thesis)
3(picc)3(EH)4(bass)3(contra)/4331/Timp+4) and/or (Harp/Piano/Strings) Solo Soprano
This piece is designed to be performed with the soloist and either the wind ensemble, string ensemble, or both simultaneously. 

Guardians of the North (2019)

Thuban & Eltanin (2018)

Vega (2017)

Polaris (2012)

Met by Moonlight (2012)


Wind Ensemble

Earth (2018), for the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble as Composer in Residence

Riley Standard (2015), march for military band, (score, listen)

Amo Opus Meam (2014), march for military band (score, listen)

Immortal Guardians (2013), march for military band, winner of the 2013 Band of the Ceremonial Guard March Competition. (score, listen)

Fanfare and Introduction (2012), for fanfare trumpets and military band

The Fool’s Ascension (2010), for wind ensemble and cello



re-fractions (2019), Sonata for cello and piano 

Four Pieces for Flute (2019), for unaccompanied flute

Illusive Lucidity (2019), trombone quartet

Sonata for piano 2019 (2019), solo piano

In the last seconds of sunlight (2018), chamber ensemble (Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Percussion)

String Quartet No. 1 (2017)

Duet for Bass Clarinets (2016)

Words (2015), for string quintet

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (2012)

Minutes for Winds (2012), wind quintet

Interlude No. 1 for Piano (2012)

Nocturne No. 1 for Piano (2011)

Minutes for Strings (2011), with harp and piano

Nine (2010), trio for flute, cello and piano

Duet for Oboe and Bassoon (2010), with piano (listen)

Turn (2010), trio for bassoon, cello and piano

A tap on the shoulder (2010), for unaccompanied bass clarinet

Moments (2009), for wind quartet

Piano Sonata No. 1 (2009)

Trio for English horn, bassoon and piano (2009)

Solo for unaccompanied Clarinet in B flat (2009)

Change (2008), for flute trio



Vengeance (2018), collaborative opera, libretto by Michael Albano




Berglund Horror_Cover.png
The Bergland Horror

Directed by Samuel Armstrong

The Clown - Curtis Wright
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A Crack

Directed by Lilian Mehrel

Skating - Curtis Wright
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Test Subject: FUTILE

Animated and Directed by
Sean Rubenstein

Test Subject: Futile - Full Score - Curtis Wright
00:00 / 00:00

Animated and Directed by Clarence Deng

Family - Curtis Wright
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